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Helpfully Asked Questions.

How much of the Diagnostic should I do to get in?

  • Around 1/2 of the computational problems and 1-2 proof problems.

Do your best! Don't just submit because "I did the minimum required," try to do as much as you can to a reasonable extent. But on the other hand, if you've been working on it for a while, you can just turn the diagnostic in.

How can I help with the MAST Program?

  • Mainly writing solution packets and contributing handouts.

One of the most common inquiries I get with regards to helping is "Can I help grade?" In all honesty, grading is a very easy task that I don't really need more help with. Aside from quizzes, where I might need an influx of grading (and will probably ask for help with), grading is a task that takes maybe 15 minutes at most per handout. (This is helped by the fact that most solutions submitted are straight up correct, and I don't need to comment on them at all.)

How long will MAST be free for?

  • Until COVID-19 can be called "over" in some sense (quarantine guidelines relaxed, schools reopening, etc), or until August/September-ish. (My mind may change on this sometime in the future, but probably won't until early July at the earliest.)

Afterwards, the cost will be $80 per semester. I think that is very cheap compared to other classes, and I actually go out of my way to make sure the materials you've used are actually collected so you can reference them easily.

As for why I've decided to do this - the program was in its infancy and it probably would not have been a good idea to make it cost something immediately. The obvious reason here is interest - now that I've got n>>0 students and m>>>0 exposure, I can actually make the program cost money. The primary reasons were because it's probably a bad idea to charge for a program that you don't even know will exist in two weeks (certainly seemed like a much smaller project to me when this started compared to now) and COVID-19. The reason it's not remaining free forever is because I need money to pay for software + web hosting (having to use Google Meets and emailing the code 15 minutes before seems very meh) and it would make me feel cool to earn money.